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Classic simplicity for the proper gentleman

‘If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.’
– Albert Einstein

Men’s Tailor by DeepCuts was founded in January 2018 by Faz Ismail and Amit Thapa. Faz Ismail first met Amit when Faz’s wife, Annalynna Ather, introduced them to each other back in 2015. Both men realised they shared the same passion and vision for how a man should be clothed.

Amit Thapa – who grew very fond of world-renowned suit makers when he saw their works in fashion magazines – kick started his career as a tailor in 2007.  Since then, he’s worked in numerous establishments in prominent areas of Thailand (Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok) before his venture with Faz started.

Just like DeepCuts Barbershop – Faz’s primary entrepreneurial venture-turned successful business – Amit has worked with an international clientele ranging from Thai celebrities to Swiss bankers. One of his career highlights is becoming the Fashion Advisor/Suit Maker for Men Face of Thailand.

While he is versatile in the art of suitmaking, Amit’s preferred style is ultimately Italian. He’s very drawn to every aspect of Italian-style craftsmanship, from the fit to the usage of wool fabric. Even though he’s been in the trait for a significant amount of time, he has never rested on laurels or stopped perfecting his craft.

To this very day, his desire of sitting next to his style icon Connor McGregor in a fashion show still lingers on his mind.

Faz & Amit still strongly believe in their motto and vision, which is to provide high quality fabric and to ensure that every man can afford to be well-dressed with made-to-measure clothes, right here at Men’s Tailor by DeepCuts.

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